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There are 123 restaurants
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บีบ็อบ ไลฟ์ มิวสิค บาร์ แอนด์ เรสเตอรอง
92/100 (94 ratings)
"Forget Patong! Forget any other copycat place in Phuket! Bebop is the real thing! Musicians playing heartfelt jazz for the love of the music, in a..."
Bob Cummings
"The best live music in phuket town, jazz, blue, soul, are beautiful. Staff are nice 👍 and cool beer, especially Duvel beer with..."
Utt JobBie Intaratanoo
"Wery nice place with great local performance - jazz music, even if you are musican you can join the crew. People who run and own the place as well as..."
Michal Prokop
"Love, Love, Love the jazz! This place is really hoppin! Loved jammin with everybody. I cannot wait to come..."
Karen Haskin Mohr
"Just in love with this place, good place, good service and GREAT for JAZZ MUSIC. You don't need to believe me, let's try yourself. relaxing mind..."
Puntaree Siriakaralarp
"เคยไปเมื่อปีที่แล้ว เพลงเพราะ..."
Methee Peter Peng
"Visit it before you leave Phuket , the band is awesome and do try cocktail n thai..."
Manmeet Singh
"It's the best bar in Phuket town ever. There are nice music and so..."
Tikky Tisha
"Impressive! Best place for all Jazz Lovers, totally..."
Pranat Prathumtip
"Great music and very kind staff. See you again next..."
Thomas Y. Tanthai
"Great atmosphere, tasty food, reasonable prices and perfect life..."
Ekaterina Ivanova
"Great place, good service & real..."
Tanya Preawpanich
"Exactly the relaxed vibe you want from a bar; fantastic musicians, excellent service, just..."
Phil Orme
"That was surprisingly impressive evening in my live! Never forget You guys - You let me try Your drums..."
Justas Jankauskas
"Live Jazz every Tuesday. Must visit if you like good..."
Roman Nikolaevich
"Awwww! yesterday was amazing, luv u from the first time..."
Sofia Nova
"เสียงดนตรี เพราะมากกกก เบียร์ราคาประหยัดไม่แพง..."
คมสัน บุญสา
"บรรยากาศดีมาก ดนตรีเพราะ แนะนำ เฟรนฟาย..."
"Halloween party วันที่ 31 ตุลาคม 2563 สนุกมากๆ ดนตรีสด เพลงเพราะ..."
Berm Phuket
"้เพลงสากลเพราะดี บรรยากาศดูไฮโซนั่งจิบwine..."
Supala Photong
"ร้านดีมาก ชอบ แน่นำ เลย ใครมาภูเก็ต ต้องรอง..."
Kyi kyi Khaing
Manoon Panthong
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