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Outlaw Brewing
90/100 (16 ratings)
"Great beer and great little bar located in Loei, Thailand! Outlaw Brewing has a wide variety of beers to choose from and I've never been..."
Nick Tisinger
"Very very good beer and the owner and his wife are both very friendly and gave some travel advise around Loei. Outlaw Brewing is a must if you are..."
Mark Lister
"I consider myself super lucky to live in a small town in Esan and yet still have access to, what likely has to be, some of the best craft beer in all..."
Johnny Champakan
"Top quality craft beer brewed by a microbiologist, so quality is no question. Lots of variety and styles of beer, created by an experienced dude who..."
Gurdev Singh Srikhandpur
"“I feel like I have to come here more often” เจ้าของร้านเป็นกันเองมากครับ..."
Withawat Pilachai
"If you are visiting Loei and like beer, you should definitely visit this ice cream shop turned microbrewery. The beers are well made by the friendly..."
Matt Shapiro
"Outlaw Mosaic is absolutely gorgeous. The smell of the hops is great. Best beer in loei, i can say that..."
Tung Nakavajara
"yesssss, The show down is fucking amazing for me , Its The best IPA..."
Wititpong Chaiwichean
"Lovely place. Great staff and great Beer. From now on there will be 1 night in Loei every time I am at the..."
Bjørn Tore Ingebretsen
"Fantastic beer awesome service can only recommend this..."
Jonas Trantel
"Last year I visited Loei and had some good beer. Today I tryed the beer again in Bangkok and it is still really..."
Anna Johansson
"# ฟิวมันได้มากอะ เบียร์ก็อร่อย แต่เสียดายไปดึกหน่อย..."
Pantakan Somee
"I like craft beer from here very much. ชอบมากครับผม..."
OnePutt SabaiLoei
"Outlaw are the IPA specialists. Awesome hoppy..."
David McWilliam
"Mosaic is my favorite beer. Greatest beer!! I love..."
Palakorn Juntaranimi
"Glad I discovered this and will be back as soon as possible. The gateway IPA was great. I'd never have guessed it was 6.5%, a definite session beer...."
Dylan Massey
"Delicious selection of beer and great..."
Matthias Starke