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Mel's Saleng Hotdogs
94/100 (148 ratings)
"Order 2 cheese hotdogs for dad and mum. Try curry wurst and you will never regret it. The paprika fries is also good. Friendly owners and cozy place..."
Panlan Somza
"Loved the casual ambiance and the food was pretty good. Little place so not great for large parties, but our family of 6 really enjoyed..."
Mitch Gerig
Rungarun Arunroek
"Great vegans and vegetarian options. Everything was delicious and the owner was so..."
Floss Berg
"อาหารอร่อยมากกกกกกกกกกกกกกค่ะ อร่อยมากจริงๆ..."
Salina Rujiphan
"ร้านเรียบง่ายบรรยากาศเป็นกันเอง เจ้าของร้านน่ารัก ..."
Jar Nee
"เมื่อกี้พึ่งไปทานมา อาหารอร่อยมากๆครับ ประทับใจมาก..."
Sarunyoo Siriwan
"����� ที่สุดของที่สุดดดดดดดด..."
ธัญญรัศม์ นภาพรอมรรัตน์
"Delicious food and nice people. Had a good time. We definitely will go back. Well..."
Veeranunt Rhuetrakul
"One of the best Hotdogs in..."
Tor Chanpichai
"Nice, very friendly place. With really good food also..."
Marek Złotopolski
"Best vegetarian hotdogs!! And awesome drinks too. Great..."
Vinit Pawa
"Great food. The food is delicious and authentic taste. The restaurant is a cool place to chill out with family and friends or just enjoy a quiet time..."
Som Alfaro
"Hot Dog อร่อยมากๆๆ ชีสเยิ้มมากๆๆ ไส้กรอกก็แน่น..."
Kittidanai Pornprompat
September Brasserie
94/100 (182 ratings)
"Great atmosphere and a great menu, just added loads of new dishes! Can’t wait to try them all! I have had and highly recommend: jalapeño poppers..."
Ginny Coleman
"Just fell in love with the place. Great food (especially pizza) cool draft beer and lovely owner =) definitely recommend the..."
Pat Khiangthong
"Yesterday finally the long-waited visit. Delicious set of Sunday roast & gravy and superb pizza from quite spectacular outdoor wood oven. This was my..."
Harri Huu
"Gourmet quality western dining at very reasonable prices with great draught beer as well. Cozy and friendly, this is a perfect hideaway right in the..."
Chris Barclay
"I highly recommend for a beautiful dinner , quality ingredients, romantic decorations and friendly..."
Chutima Khongchangwat
"This is a gem. We drive from Doi Saket to enjoy fantastic food, lovely atmosphere, friendly owners. This is a regular for us and we especially enjoy..."
Susan Mary Piacun
"Without any questions - the best pizza in town. Finnish-managed restaurant where even the local Italians eat..."
Tomi Salo
"Great service, amazing food & good value for money. Excellent place to take your partner or for a business lunch or meeting..."
Myk Baxter
"Great steaks, pizza and ribs. Nice airconned restaurant too. To top it all cold beer on draught. Will certainly be..."
Richard Keyworth
"Great western menu, lovely atmosphere, beautiful food and even a little pet prairie dog for company lol..."
James Murrell
"เจอแล้ว จะไม่ไปไหนอีก เพราะร้านนี้..."
Chutiphandh Snidwongse
"Best Sunday lunch in Chaing Mai, and the best pizza..."
Carol Gordon
"ในซอยลึกลับ บรรยากาศดี กลางวันร้อน กลางแจ้ง..."
Maris Wongvanapat
Smarch Amatyakul
"บรรยากาศในบ้าน คนไม่เยอะดี..."
Sonthaya Kaeoma
"คุ้มค่าเกินราคา บรรยากาศดีมากกกก..."
Phataraporn sutachai
Wachiraporn Saisuriya
"(แปลโดย Google) Update:..."
Isabelle Chassing
Little Italy Pizza Garden
93/100 (111 ratings)
"Very good pasta and probably best pizza in town. Excactly my style... Very very nie tomato sauce on the pizza. Friendly owner and i highly recommend..."
Michael Rommel
"Went on Sunday lunch to Little Italy Pizza Garden (Mae Hia). Absolutely delicious italian food. Pizza dough (thin & crunchy) is the best I've ever..."
Olivier Maurice
"The food is real italian and delicious. We had the pizza and linguine pesto. Classic Genoese pesto, as good as we have eaten in Italy. The artisan..."
Saipin Ungsupanich
"They really know How to cook italian food Ravioli and gnocchi are so tasty and delicious. The best pizza in chiang mai ! No doubt at..."
Serena Riviezzo
"A perfect spot outside of the city to have a lovely night out. Everything was great from the appetizers to the pizza. Welcoming and friendly staff,..."
Paolina Conforto
"I am italian from Naples.. and I can say that is one of the best pizzas I have ever had in CNX. Good prices, good quality, and funny owner Marco. Go..."
Donna Vittoria
"Awesome atmosphere. Super chill and romantic if your with your spouse. The food is amazing and the staff are very sweet. A must if your in..."
Chris Taylor
"Good food, lovley staff, over all a very good place to have a relaxing..."
Atle Johnsen
"Amazing italian food! Real italian taste at a very good price ! You have to try..."
Gerry Longo
"My wife and I often enjoy having authentic and delicious Italian food at Little Italy Pizza Garden in Hang Dong, Chiang..."
Mongkon Rayanakorn
"For me the best pizza in chiang mai... and very good food and service..."
Mario Salsa
Chujak Ubolsootvanich
"Nice Italian Trattoria in chiang mai! Friendly owner and pleasant atmosphere. Tuna carpaccio is perfect,Fettuccine Alfredo and pizza of the house are..."
Freddy Laureys
"Like at home...but in Chang Mai! Great..."
PL Paps
Panpanut Dakhwa
0181 Song
"ร้านอาหารอิตาลีเป็นร้านอาหารที่บริการดี อาหารอร่อย..."
Ladda Tangmahamek
"พิซซ่าสไตล์โฮมเมด โดยฝีมือลุงชาวอิตาเลียน..."
oom ironhorse
"Original italian menu..."
Dr.Nongnuch Vanittanakom
"อาหารอร่อย ร้านเล็กๆย่านถนนราชพฤกษ์..."
Panutis Sawasdee
Khempiga Aunjit
เหมียว miao W
My Home Coffee & Thai Cuisine
92/100 (20 ratings)
"Strongly recommend � good food Best service , must booking in..."
Nicky Daorerk
"Truly extraordinary Thai food. I have brought several Thai chefs they have all been very impressed. Always the freshest to gradients and very clean...."
Craig Parkin
"มายโฮม... ไม่ว่าหลังไหน ก็อบอุ่นเสมอ สำหรับมายโฮมแล้ว..."
Khunnai M OH Tangphasuksakul
"เมื่อคิดถึงเพื่อน คิดจะรวมคนในครอบครัว..."
Nanhathai Vitayanantapornkul
Chawinnakorn Wachirasaksopana
"นอกเหนือจากอาหารอร่อย..บรรยากาศก็สุดแสนจะ exclusive..."
Yaowamarn Jinawanit
Ging Praepilaii
"อาหารอร่อย มีคุณภาพ มิตรภาพ..."
"บรรยากาศ เหมือนกินอาหารที่บ้าน..."
รังสรรค์ ลิ้มรังสรรค์
"อาหารอร่อยครับ เจ้าของก็ใจดีสุด..."
Peera Emsrikul
วรเศรษฐ์ พานิชกุล
Oassharapron Zaza
"(แปลโดย Google)..."
Nicky D.
"(แปลโดย Google) รักสถานที่แห่งนี้👍 (ต้นฉบับ) Love this..."
Theerin Wilawanwajee
The Village
90/100 (54 ratings)
"Great food, some of the best I have eaten anywhere, awesome atmosphere, service very good, owner a good and friendly gentleman, always checking to..."
David Feague
"We were a party of 20 adults and 18 kids and we had a fantastic get together at The Village. The service and food was excellent. Thoroughly recommend..."
Nicola Leitch
"INCREDIBLE meal! We especially loved the garlic fried rice, and I must admit the tater tots filled a craving for American snacks that I've had for..."
Elizabeth Ashley Bradley
"Love the space!! It's so open and peaceful. The owner is soooo nice and friendly. It's also a perfect place for kids party. Food is delicious!! 5..."
Isareeya Somviwatanachai
"Just had dinner here with my wife for our anniversary. The food, atmosphere and service are excellent. Definitely will go back with our sons..."
Veeranunt Rhuetrakul
"If I could give it six stars, I would! The food/ and drink was amazing! i ordered the Cashew Chicken and I have to say, it was the best Cashew..."
Thelma Stanforth
"อาหารอร่อย เบียร์เริ่ด บรรยากาศดี บริการดี..."
Nira Praman
"อาหารอร่อย เจ้าของร้านน่ารักมากค่ะ เป็นกันเอง..."
Pongphan Intaprom
"ร้านน่ารักมากคะ เจ้าของเป็นกันเองมากใจดีสุดๆ..."
Tannaree Chamrit
"อาหารอร่อย มีความเป็นส่วนตัวดี..."
ChuArunee Dtai
"The place is so relaxing and like home. We had a great time..."
Elsa Yi-Jung Chiang
"บรรยากาศดี อาหารอร่อยมากครับ โดยเฉพาะเค้กครับ..."
Past Live
Doyton Citi
ดานิสา เบเกอรี่ แอนด์ คาเฟ่
87/100 (482 ratings)
"I took my friends to Danissa for lunch today - tasty offerings at a very reasonable price point - everything that was served was fresh, well..."
Colin Mills
"Everything I have eaten or drank from here has been amazing! Great atmosphere and very clean. I recommend the spinach quiche it is the..."
Sue Kunkel
"Love this place! Never disappointed & friendly staff..."
Nice Bowers
"When I'm feeling a little homesick for the US or my wife needs a gluten-free treat, there aren't that many other local options that come to mind. ..."
Dave Sue
"Great atmosphere and delicious menu. Familiar Western food with little twists to make it just that much better than expected - I had a grilled bacon..."
Sarah Baker
"Fast and good food. Reasonable price and friendly..."
Mary Anne
"Love everything here. Great food, good location and lovely staff. Highly..."
Pearl Suvattiphan
"ขนมอร่อยมากกกกกอาหารฝรั่งก็อร่อยยย วัตถุดิบดี..."
Upsornsiri Untimanon
"Delicious pulled pork sandwich and northern Thai sausage pita. All made in their kitchen including bread and pastries. Friendly staff. Nice ambiance...."
Mon Boonprohm
"Very good cafe. The food is nice. I like chicken salad and fruit wafle with whipped..."
Namfa Sattayanurak
"ขนมอร่อยมาก แถมดีต่อสุขภาพ..."
Miki Khongrungphakorn
"My favorite is the fresh multi bread! It is healthy and has a great taste. I always buy a few loaves and put the extras in my freezer. I keep my..."
Dale Coker
Anusorn Somsiri
"Everything here is just delicious! Great food great atmosphere!..."
Obey Visuta Panit
"We are so happy that they now offer gluten free baked goods and..."
Lisa Cocking
"#My favorite place . Delicious food ,very good coffee very nice stuff..."
Rita Bee
Teacher Tangkwa
"เจ้าของร้านน่ารัก กาแฟอร่อย..."
Princess FROST
"สถานที่ไม่กว้างมาก อาหารและกาแฟดี น้องในร้านแนะนำดี..."
boy phurit
"ร้านกาแฟแถวหางดง ผ่านไปทางพืชสวนโลกได้ครับ...."
Gaмe Cnx
"Good place for person who love American & Mexican food and Beakery ร้านนี้ขนมและอาหารเยี่ยมมาก..."
Chanitnai Dangruan
"ร้านกาแฟเล็ก บรรยากาศนั่งสบาย..."
charl lui
"ขนมอร่อยมากครับ บรรยากาศและการตกแต่งร้านสวยงาม..."
The Boat
รัตนเกล้า นวกานต์